AIMS (Awareness, Interests, Movement, Sensory):



Directors, Karla Pretorius and Nanette Botha, have developed a support system according to the needs of individuals with specific learning patterns. Karla and Nanette have done extensive research with adults on the autism spectrum and related disorders to establish a program that is appropriate, accepting and stimulating to enhance learning opportunities.
AIMS is an awareness and interest based approach that works with autistic individuals and related disorders. The focus of AIMS is on teaching concepts, rather than individual skills. AIMS is a holistic approach that addresses all areas of an individual’s development.


The AIMS philosophy states that if a child is aware, happy and interested, they will be more susceptible to learning. Our goal is to assist our children to learn the fundamental skills necessary to benefit from a group environment, thus shortening “therapy” hours and increasing natural learning styles through school, group activities and everyday life. 


Extensive research with the autistic adult community has shown that a greater focus needs to be on awareness, interests, movement, emotional coping strategies and including family support systems. There are many theories and interventions specifically pertaining to autism, but seeing that the adult autistic community is advocating a change, approaches to teaching should be adapted. Another crucial area that autistic adults have found to be lacking is the collaboration not only with autistic adults, but also other forms of therapy. 

AIMS Global also believes in a holistic approach, where we generalize what our clients are working on in other therapy sessions. We create an “autism friendly” environment and incorporate these “targets” within the AIMS philosophy – meaning we teach our clients the concepts first, instead of individual skills. All of these concepts are introduced with their specific interests in mind. 


AIMS therapists will focus on integrating all developmental areas, as well as working on academics, sensory exercises and generalizing speech and occupational therapy targets. He/she will also support with transitioning between different activities, generalizing calming techniques to the family members and people in the individual’s life and supporting the individual, in a researched manner, to manage their behaviors throughout different environments. AIMS therapists also work with other therapists such as Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, behavioral therapists and schools to ensure generalization of skills and concepts. This generalization happens not only to different environments, but also to all the people in the person’s life – a key area that many therapies can’t support. 


AIMS Global has received accreditation through IBCCES for the courses we offer. This entitles AIMS therapists to use AIMS courses to further their studies in order to become registered Autism Professionals. 

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards 

(IBCCES), was established in 2001 to meet the training credentialing needs of professionals who work with individuals with special needs and cognitive disorders. IBCCES has since expanded into over 40 different countries with training centers and members all across the globe.