We offer three levels of training. A therapist can be placed with a family after completing the first level of training and passing all required homework and assignments. Training can be completed online.

There is no hard and fast rule here. It all depends on the circumstances at the time. Sometimes we have families who have an opening immediately, and sometimes we need to wait for a few weeks before an opening becomes available.

Placements with families overseas is not a guarantee. Only the best and most suitable candidates are placed with our clients.

We need to consider various factors (such as passport and visa requirements) when it comes to time-lines for placements.

There are various factors to consider when determining the salary level of the tutor: their experience and expertise, the quality of their sessions, their capacity as an AIMS therapist, the budget of the family they are being placed with. Average salaries range from R10 000 – R20 000 / month (South African Rand).

Not always.

We don’t always have a position available immediately for every person who finishes training. However, those who have successfully completed the training course will be given priority in terms of placements.

Anyone with motivation to learn and grow and who loves working with children.

Some countries do require a degree (or certain level of qualification) to be able to get an employment pass, but a degree in psychology or education is not always necessarily a prerequisite.  Experience working with children and/or experience with autistic individuals will always be beneficial.