AIMS Therapists

Management Team

Meet our passionate team of professionals that work all over the world!
We are excited for you to get to know this group of visionaries in the field of optimizing autism!

We have a database of AIMS trained therapists that parents can get access to once they sign up for our services.
This way they can be part of the process of choosing the most appropriate therapist for their child and entire family!

The Team
Karla Pretorius

Director / Co-developer

Karla is one of the two directors of AIMS Global and co-developer of AIMS support system. She started working in the field of autism in 2002 and has played an instrumental role on an international level in advocating for autism awareness, acceptance and understanding.

Karla is currently working on her PhD dissertation to develop and expand support systems for individuals on the autism spectrum in the mainstream environment.

Karla, together with her colleague, Nanette have presented in many countries, such as Denmark, South Africa, Indonesia and Singapore. They have collaborated with autism advocates and adults on the spectrum by providing a holistic support system that evolves as our understanding of autism evolves.

She is a major role player in the autism revolution. Karla currently resides in Bali, Indonesia, but travels all over the world to work with clients. Her passion for autism drives her to continue learning from her amazing clients, their parents, adults on the spectrum and professionals in the field.

She is well known and loved in the autism community as her passion for her work is evident in her determination of working with people in the field to better equip individuals on the spectrum in every way.

The Team
Nanette Botha

Director / Co-developer

Nanette is one of the two directors of AIMS Global as well as the co-developer of AIMS support system. She has always had a passion for seeing children learn and grow. She started working with children on the spectrum since she graduated in 2008 as a trained teacher and specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Together with her colleague, Karla, she developed the AIMS Support System and plays an integral part in supporting families through AIMS Global. Nanette loves seeing clients grow into happy, enthusiastic individuals with a zest for life. She has presented all over the world and is a well-known and respected professional in the field of autism.

Nanette is extremely creative in her approach with children and will make it her quest to teach children concepts through their interests. Her clients, the parents the works with her and all her colleagues, love her as she radiates positivity and a solution to any potential challenge.

AIMS Therapists
Angelique Reniedo

Local supervisor / therapist

Angelique has always loved interacting with children. She taught children with Autism in a school setting straight after she completed her Bachelors Degree in Psychology with honours at San Beda University. Her love and passion for the children she worked with inspired her to take her Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology in Ateneo De Manila University and Clinical Psychology in De La Salle University to further her knowledge in helping the children achieve their fullest potential while keeping their own colorful personalities radiant.

With her desire to connect and help children on a more organic level, she became a behavior therapist in 2014. Her experiences with children taught her that building a friendship with the child is significant in helping them develop and grow.  Angelique started working as a Junior Therapist with AIMS Global early 2017 and has quickly worked herself up to Country Manager in Jakarta and Local Supervisor.

She is a dedicated individual that is loved by her clients, families and colleagues. Angelique has a gentle, yet strong manner in working with her clients and finding ways for them to relate to the material or concepts she presents. Her sessions are always fun, yet productive and she is totally in love with her “work”.

The Team
Hazel Quiñones

Admin manager / trainer / therapist

Hazel is passionate working as a behavioral therapist, she loves seeing the children grow, improve and develop their strengths. Hazel graduated BS Psychology in New Era University. She started her profession in the field of autism in 2013 handling different developmental disorders. Her experience as a behavioral therapist drives her more to educate herself and attended different trainings available. Hazel feels that every autistic individual needs caring regardless of ethnicity and location.  She wants to extend her aid internationally.

This is when she made an important decision of joining a growing international company “AIMS Global”. She feels that through AIMS, she is growing more as an individual and gains more maturity in the field of autism by adapting to a different approach and vision.

Currently, she is working as an Admin Manager and Recruitment Officer for AIMS. She is responsible for managing administrative work, maintaining important files and data, initial screening of the therapists and training AIMS therapists. Being part of AIMS, she believes that she was able to take part in spreading awareness, educating people and extending her hands to autistic individuals in different parts of the world.