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Trained Therapist

Trained by the highly accredited organization, AIMS Global, therapists can live with your family full-time or be shared amongst two families. Therapists not only build a relationship with your child, but also work in collaboration with you and the rest of your child’s team to ensure consistency, generalization and progress. Together, they will work with you and your child to reach your optimal goals.


An AIMS therapist lives with the family in their home or lives close by and is with the child they are working with for 8hrs a day, 5 days a week.


One therapist works with two families. The therapist will work with one family in the mornings and another family in the afternoons.


The family elects a local tutor or helper to be trained in the AIMS approach. This option includes tutors that the family has employed.

Recruitment Services

At AIMS Global we have a database of experienced therapists from all over the world. These therapists are ready to move abroad and work with your child and family today! AIMS Global offers recruitment services where we send videos of potential therapists and you decide who you want to hire. You can then continue working with your current organization to supervise your child’s program with your new, highly experienced therapist.


At AIMS Global we have Supervisors that can create initial programs for your child and supervise your therapist that you have been working with or sourced yourself. We offer live Skype observations and program updates.

Consultation Services

If you do not need a full-time therapist, AIMS Global can work with you on a consultation basis to work as a Supervisor for your child’s current program, offer therapists on an hourly basis or life skills coaching for our older clients.


The AIMS therapist has set hours with the child per day or week. This option includes therapy hours from 4 to 20hrs/week. The hours are decided on during the initial assessment with the AIMS Supervisor and is systematically increased, if needed, and once the child is ready for it, decreased again.


Adolescents and adults diagnosed with ASD are placed with a highly trained Life Coach to support with résumé writing, mock interviews, short-term goals, long-term goals, relationships and other areas!

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