Process for family


AIMS Global matches the best suited AIMS therapist with your child according to the family’s needs. Don’t hesitate to start the process of placing a therapist for your family who can support your child’s every need. We can’t wait to meet you all!

1 Initial Skype meeting (free)

Let’s discuss how we can support you and your family.

2 Initial assessment and program setup

This can be done via Skype or as an in-house assessment and includes setting up an individual program to work on specific concepts.

3 Matching a therapist

We match our most appropriate therapist to the family and child’s specific needs. This includes taking into consideration the interests and needs of the child and looking at the therapist’s previous experience, personality and strengths. The parents are part of this process!


The Director(s) of AIMS Global and/or AIMS Supervisor manages and supervises each child’s program. The constant supervision ensures updates to the program and ultimately continuous progress of each child. Regular Skype update sessions are held between the therapist and at least one of the AIMS Global Directors and/or Supervisor.

5 Training:

AIMS Global offers training in AIMS for family members, friends, nannies, teachers and other professionals. The training of the holistic approach ensures consistency for the child in all environments.


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