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At AIMS Global we believe that knowledge shared is power. We provide affordable courses that are accredited through IBCCES that will equip you to interact, connect with and support a child diagnosed with ASD. We have three pillars that we truly believe in: ASD is a complex disorder, but there is an easy solution to connect and support individuals with an ASD diagnosis that is affordable.

Watch our free video below that will explain more what we do, how we can support you and your family and provide you with the tools you will need to provide your child with the confidence in their development. Our webinars provide practical strategies that anyone can implement. We can’t wait to share these tools with you!

Online Webinar Benefits

We provide our clients with easy, practical solutions for scenarios that we have experienced with our children diagnosed with ASD throughout the years. Parents of children diagnosed with ASD have expressed a need for a holistic approach that work on their child’s strengths, provide them with the confidence in learning naturally and most importantly, being happy to do so.

Full range of material

We all learn differently and we embrace this at AIMS Global! We have video webinars, we provide workshop notes and specific strategies to deal with scenarios that you are interested in knowing more about. There is a wide range of material that you can choose from. Tailor make your own learning experience!

Opportunities Abroad

If you choose to become an Autism Specialist you stand the chance of becoming an AIMS Global representative therapist that can work abroad. However, if you only want to complete select courses and become an expert with your own child, we have those options available too!

Study in your own time

Our courses can be completed when you have the time. We provide various topics and you choose what you want to complete. You only pay for the courses you feel are appropriate for your child!

Receive qualification

You can choose to complete AIMS Level 1 Tutor training for full accreditation through IBCCES and continue to complete AIMS Level 2 Therapist training and ultimately AIMS Level 3 Supervisor training.

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