Working with AIMS Global

Join our team to work with families all over the world to support them and their child diagnosed with ASD. Be part of this amazing transformation of the entire family.

AIMS courses are accredited through IBCCES (USA) and offer you the opportunity to become an Autism Specialist.


As a live-in therapist, you will have the opportunity to live with families all over the world including cities like Singapore and Jakarta. AIMS Global is expanding to cities all over the world and we want you to join us on the journey.


AIMS Global is accredited by IBCCES to train therapists to work with children diagnosed with ASD. You will learn invaluable supportive techniques and treatment planning skills that will lead to a happier, more independent child and supported family dynamic.


While working and traveling abroad, you will have the rare chance to work with families and children who need you most. Immerse yourself in culture, family and new experiences.

Want to join the team?

You won’t find a job like this anywhere else!